21. March 2021
Muse - Quest
For my first Patreon painting I made a little muse - quest video ^^⠀ The inspiration comes to me often during a walk with my dog.⠀ I wanted to capture it in this video. YouTube: https://youtu.be/RvfkYDMe6VY ⠀
02. March 2021
After some of you have asked me if I have Patreon I thought a lot about it. Art is my main source of income. I paint commissions, but already a little regular income can bring much more stability to life. I also see it as a chance to connect more with the community. I am eager to share paintings, ideas and techniques with the people who support me. I am looking forward to discover what you like and improve myself. Let's create new artworks together! It means the world to me to welcome you on my...
26. June 2020
My Patreon will come soon.
20. April 2020
Leseprobe aus Michael Aurelis Briegers Fantasy-Lyric.
12. April 2020
A special ester egg I painted for fun yesterday. For the first time I tried to record the process.
11. March 2020
Another commission for Michael Briegers poem book.
03. February 2020
Michael Brieger's book comprises 1000 pages of German poetry and songs with fantasy themes - ravens, dragons, elves, magic and much more. This is one of the book covers I painted for him.
23. December 2019
One of my commissioners told me about the mountains at the Attersee which would be a nice place for a cave. The wetterstein formation inspired me to draw this picture.
29. September 2019
Exclusive pre-order of my Dragon Worlds Calendar 2020 on Kickstarter!
26. April 2019
You can help to decide which picture I will paint next!

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